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Counter-Terrorism on Social Media - A third Axis Map for its Eradication
Published by Prof. Ignacio Gutierrez De Teran Gomez-Benita
Prof. Ignacio Gutierrez De Teran Gomez-Benita.   European security agencies pay a great deal of attention to the consequences of cyber recruitment and the advanced methods and techniques used by extremist groups to lure and entice some individuals online. Yet, this attention has not been translated into a continent-wide integrated strategy except after the...
The Making of terrorism – Religion and Violence
Published by Dr. Faleh bin Felaihan al-Ruwaili
Dr. Faleh bin Felaihan al-Ruwaili.   Terrorism is a complex global phenomenon that has overlapping psychological, ideological, cultural, social, economic and political dimensions. It has been subjected to superficial or one-dimensional interpretations and has been used in international media platforms to condemn certain Muslim countries or to vilify...
In the Aftermath of the Defeat of ISIS
Published by Minister Plenipotentiary/ Abdulmajeed bin Abdulrahman Albabteen
Minister Plenipotentiary/ Abdulmajeed bin Abdulrahman Albabteen.   The phase ends of violent groups and organizations with extreme ideological principles are almost identical. Although they differ in details, causes, geographic regions, and the circumstances of end phases, they are mostly identical in the ideological, structural and...
Soft Cells Booby-Trap Virtual Space
Published by Dr. Musa Barhoumeh
Dr. Moussa Barhouma.   In geology, equally as in life and humanities, earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes may cause tremors or aftershocks that are more damaging than the event itself in that the reaction sometimes may outweigh the same very act, and such reactions may pop up unexpectedly from anywhere no matter how wise the one observing it...
Counter-Terrorism International Efforts
Published by Saad Al-Sulaiman
Saad Al-Sulaiman.   Introduction: The very first step to fight terrorism and eradicate its roots from any society requires a thorough understanding of all aspects and causes of this epidemic so that it can be dealt with on the basis of sound scientific grounds. Nations have different perception about terrorism and its...
The Roots of Extremism The Moral Anger and Guided Hatred
Published by Dr. Faleh bin Fleihan Al-Ruwaili
Dr. Faleh bin Fleihan Al-Ruwaili.   The phenomenon of extremism with regard to individuals is linked to complications of inadaptability with the surrounding political, social and economic environment which hinder their response to the continuous variables in their environment though the human community poses problems, leading to despair and...
The History of Terrorism
Published by Air Vice Marshall Hamoud bin Mohammed Al Asmari
Air Vice Marshall Hamoud bin Mohammed Al Asmari.   The phenomenon of terrorism is as old as humanity. It is linked to the existence of social relations between human beings and to the existence of the conflict between right and wrong, good and evil. Terrorist acts are closely linked to human culture on love of control, snubbing and terrifying people in order to...
Intellectual security
Published by Dr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Daa'ja
Dr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Daa'ja.   The intellectual security term pops up continuously in tandem with a litany of current scientific dissertations and studies on the subject. A cause of political, intellectual and security concern to decision-makers, the issue has also worried a vast chunk of members of the society who are conscious of the dangers posed...
International Cooperation in Counter Terrorism
Published by Major General Dr. Fayez Al-Duwairi
Major General Dr. Fayez Al-Duwairi.   The term "terrorism" is relatively a new term, which was first introduced in 1798 in the appendix to a text of a French academy. It was intended to describe the state of terror and panic that swept through France between 1793 and 1794 when the police were allowed to enter houses and arrest the suspect. The US...
Extremism and Terrorism: Root Causes and Consequences
Published by Sayed Ghonaim
Sayed Ghonaim.   There is no doubt that terrorism is a threat to any society as it undermines peace, security and the most basic human rights of secured life and sustainable development. No country or region is immune to its impact. It is neither a new phenomenon nor limited to a particular region, nationality, or ideology. Terrorist groups, such...
Media and Terrorism - Levels of Relationship
Published by Mohammed Zahid Gul
Mohammed Zahed Joule.   Media has no doubt a huge and important role in the establishment of convictions and shaping the minds of individuals in the contemporary life. The influence of media is no longer confined or limited to the formal message promulgated by state-owned or state-controlled media. Such influence is no longer left...
Armed Terrorism and its Fighting Strategy
Published by Major General Staff Dr. Mohamed Kashkoush
Major General Staff Dr. Mohamed Kashkoush.   Introduction: Armed terrorism can be defined as a group of armed militias that use violence and murder against civilians, armies and state police in order to achieve religious, ethnic or national objectives using methods that are contrary to the framework of international law and treaties...
Terrorism between Poverty and Marginalization: Reviewing the Causes of Terrorism
Published by Dr. Amani Massoud Al-Houdaini
Dr. Amani Massoud Al-Houdain.   Terrorism, an excessive use of power which leads to a state of panic, fear and terror among the public, has historically been the result of three aspects, a fragmented society based on exclusion, unjust exclusive power and the dogmatism of beliefs and ideologies (fanaticism and intellectual rigidity). What is most surprising...
Confronting Extremism and Terrorism
Published by Dr. Kamal Ahmed Amer
Dr. Kamal Ahmed Amer.   Terrorism is one of the most significant problems facing the modern world. The impact of this phenomenon has increased the speed and the momentum of media coverage of crimes that threaten all of humanity. Although people have suffered from the menace of war since the dawn of time; terrorism has had a different and more detrimental...
Challenges of Terrorism
Published by Dr. Albasheer Almutaqi
Dr. Albasheer Almutaqi.   It is necessary to propose a conceptual definition of ‘terrorism’ as a serious phenomenon and to identify it as a scourge threatening the security and future of communities and nations worldwide. According to most definitions, terrorism is a form of terror and intimidation. The term terrorisme was adopted in the French...
The symbiotic relationship between the media and terrorism
Published by Prof. Taha Najem
Prof. Taha Najem.   Mass media and terrorism have become more interdependent in a mutually beneficial relationship often described as 'symbiotic.' This article addresses that dynamic, and demonstrates the need for news organizations to balance the public's right to know, against the ability of militants who exploit news coverage to promote their...
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