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Launches and sustains a journey to build a better tomorrow for generations to come, rooted in a consistent and global message that reaffirms the Islamic principles of tolerance and compassion, and counters the narrative of violent extremist ideology through presenting the true nature of Islam and supporting ideological, psychological, and social reforms.

  • To promote the essence of Islamic principles, teachings, culture and heritage.
  • To align and correct the understanding of religious principles.
  • To undertake a grassroots approach that promotes the Islamic values of moderation, welcomes diversity and values human life.
  • To achieve a wide range of positive effects on intellectual, psychological and social levels related to terrorism throughout the Muslim world.


Develop, produce, and disseminate factual, scholarly and engaging content on Coalition-owned or third-party communication and media platforms and channels, with the aim of undermining the appeal of violent extremism, instilling hope and optimism, and measuring the impact on mindsets and behaviors.

  • To counter the media discourse and appeal of violent extremists and terrorist organizations;
  • To showcase the richness, cultural and intellectual diversity of Islam through promoting the moderate values of Islam.
  • To promote and support credible influencers throughout the Islamic world to propagate the moderate values of Islam.

Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)

In collaboration and coordination with the competent authorities in the Coalition Member Countries in CTF, it promotes best practices, advances legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks, and facilitates information sharing to support prevention, detection, and seizure operations.

  • To promote best practices and build the capabilities of the Coalition Member Countries in CT;
  • To promote a supportive environment to enable sharing of CTF related information among the Coalition Member Countries and international organizations’
  • To support the CTF competent authorities in the Coalition Member Countries to possess required procedures and mechanisms for prevention, detection, reporting and prosecution operations related to CTF;
  • To develop and operationalize legal, regulatory and operational frameworks related to CTF in the Coalition Member Countries.


When requested, it assists in the coordination of resourcing and planning of member country military operations, facilitates the secure sharing of military information, and encourages military counter terror capacity and capability building to deter aggression and violence.

  • To promote and build an effective system to discourage terrorist organizations and stop their attempts that cause harm to nations, communities and individuals; 
  • To strengthen and fill in critical gaps in counter terrorism military capabilities in the Coalition Member Countries;
  • To develop a framework to assist in military capacity building, training and knowledge sharing programs to counter terrorism in the Coalition Member Countries and supporting nations;
  • To provide a platform to the Coalition Member Countries to seek military assistance in counter terrorism capacity building and military support from partners and supporting nations.