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IMCTC holds a three-day workshop for Member Countries’ Delegates

Sep. 15, 2019: IMCTC center held a workshop, as part of a series of other periodic workshops, for its Member Countries’ delegates that aimed at exchanging expertise and experiences among the Member Countries. The workshop focused on introducing IMCTC counter-terrorism domains and initiatives development lifecycle and discussing topics related to countering violent extremism and terrorism.  

The three-day workshop was attended by Member Countries’ delegates who were briefed in detail by the Planning and Coordination Department on the IMCTC four counter-terrorism domains (ideology, communications, CTF and military), their general objectives, as well as the CT initiatives approach and their development lifecycle.

On the final day of the workshop, Dr. Zayed al-Harthi, Saudi Arabia’s delegate to IMCTC for the ideological domain, presented a lecture titled: “Brainwashing and Ideological Terrorism”. The session was followed by a lively discussion by member countries’ delegates. 

Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed al-Moghedi, IMCTC’s Acting Secretary-General, commended the efforts of member countries’ delegates and asserted the importance of working together, continuation of cooperation for capacity building and exchanging best practices to support the efforts that help achieve IMCTC objectives in countering violent extremism and terrorism.  

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