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French-GCC Friendship Committee chairman visits IMCTC Headquarters

At the IMCTC headquarters in Riyadh, his Excellency IMCTC Acting Secretary-General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed al-Moghedi, received French Senator Mr. Jean-Marie Bockel, chairman of the French-GCC Friendship committee at the French Senate, and the accompanying delegation. Both sides discussed ways of cooperation, joint stances and strengthening of ties in the context of knowledge exchange for countering terrorism and violent extremism. Further, both sides touched upon security issues of mutual concern related to the latest regional and international counterterrorism developments and efforts exerted in this regard. 

The French visiting delegation was briefed on IMCTC efforts in counterterrorism and violent extremism through coordinating counterterror initiatives in ideology, communications, CTF and military domains, as well as its role in coordinating and intensifying the IMCTC member countries efforts in this respect. 

Maj. Gen. Al-Moghedi stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship, concerted efforts, joint cooperation and exchange of expertise between both parties to further support the efforts exerted in combating violent extremism and terrorism. 

For his part, Senator Bockel commended IMCTC role and efforts in cooperating and augmenting the IMCTC member countries efforts. 

The visit comes within the framework of IMCTC constant efforts to establish strategic partnerships among member countries, supporting nations and international organizations to foster ties and cooperation with all nations for capacity building, exchange of information, expertise and best international practices in countering terrorism and joining other international efforts aimed at maintaining international peace and security.