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The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) is a willing coalition of 41 countries that forms a pan-Islamic unified front in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Focus Areas

Launches and sustains a journey to build a better tomorrow for generations to come, rooted in a consistent and global message that reaffirms the Islamic principles of tolerance and compassion, and counters the narrative of violent extremist ideology through presenting the true nature of Islam and supporting ideological, psychological, and social reforms.

Develop, produce, and disseminate factual, scholarly and engaging content on Coalition-owned or third-party communication and media platforms and channels, with the aim of undermining the appeal of violent extremism, instilling hope and optimism, and measuring the impact on mindsets and behaviors.

In collaboration and coordination with the competent authorities in the Coalition Member Countries in CTF, it promotes best practices, advances legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks, and facilitates information sharing to support prevention, detection, and seizure operations.

When requested, it assists in the coordination of resourcing and planning of member country military operations, facilitates the secure sharing of military information, and encourages military counter terror capacity and capability building to deter aggression and violence.

  • Yida Seydou Diall - Researcher on violent extremism issues in the Central Sahel
    Impact of Violent Extremism In Mali and the Central Delta
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  • Dr. Dženeta Karabegovi - Researcher in international and comparative political sociology
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