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The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) is a willing coalition of 41 countries that forms a pan-Islamic unified front in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

The Coalition will fight terrorism through four domains: Ideology, Communications, Counter-Terrorist Financing and the Military. These domains of action will be the focus of cooperation between the Coalition and international partners.

Terrorism between Poverty and Marginalization: Reviewing...
Terrorism, an excessive use of power which leads to a state of panic, fear and terror among the public, has historically been the result of three aspects, a fragmented society based on exclusion, unjust exclusive power and the dogmatism of beliefs and ideologies (fanaticism and intellectual rigidity). What is most surprising is that each of these aspects is able to eliminate the space...
Confronting Extremism and Terrorism
Terrorism is one of the most significant problems facing the modern world. The impact of this phenomenon has increased the speed and the momentum of media coverage of crimes that threaten all of humanity. Although people have suffered from the menace of war since the dawn of time; terrorism has had a different and more detrimental...
Challenges of Terrorism
It is necessary to propose a conceptual definition of ‘terrorism’ as a serious phenomenon and to identify it as a scourge threatening the security and future of communities and nations worldwide. According to most definitions, terrorism is a form of terror and intimidation. The term terrorisme was adopted in the French dictionaries since 1794, which means the policy of...
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