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  • Brief History

    ​​​​​​In December 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the formation of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) to form a unified pan-Islamic front against terrorism.

    The Chiefs of Staff from the Islamic countries met in Riyadh in March 2016 and affirmed their determination to intensify efforts in fighting terrorism through joint work according to their capabilities, based on the desire of each member country to participate in operations or programs within the IMCTC framework as per its policies and procedures, and without compromising the...
  • Strategic Vision

    ​​To be a leader at the international level in counterterrorism and a prime partner in international efforts for preserving international peace and security.

    Coordinate, unify and support efficiently and effectively the efforts of the IMCTC member countries in counterterrorism in the domains of ideology, communications, counterterrorist financing as well as in the military domain in partnership with friendly countries and international organizations. 
    • ​Determination
    • Solidarity
    • Adaptation
    • Proactiveness​​
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    H.E. M​aj. Gen. al-Moghedi, acting Secretary-General of the Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition, began his military career 36 years ago. Following his graduation from King Abdulaziz Military Academy, he served in the Royal Saudi Land Forces assuming various leadership positions, starting as an aviation officer, air squadron officer, and then Land Forces helicopters’ battalion commander. In 2002, he moved to serve in the area of military security, serving in various capacities the most recent of which was the chair of Land Forces Intelligence and Security Commission.

    In his long military career, he received numerous medals, including King Faisal’s Medal of...
    Maj. GenMohammed bin Saeed al-MoghdiIslamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition’s Acting Secretary-General
3/16/2021 2:58 PM