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القائمة الداخلية

IMCTC Portal has applied the highest technical standards of e-portal and implemented new technologies that contribute to enrich the portal and facilitate access to all its contents, which in return has increased the number of users and visitors to the portal as well as their interaction.

The portal has committed itself to applying the W3C standards, which are the standard specifications that it sought to apply to all elements of the portal.​​

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Assistance solutions for people with special needs:
One of the most prominent aspects of the portal’s application in terms of ease of use and access is its interest in people with special needs through the application of a set of new features that help a large segment of people with needs to deal with the portal effectively, as the portal contains the following characteristics:​

Voice Instructions:
It is one of the means that enables people with challenges to give voice signals through the microphone.

Read Speaker:
It is one of the means that helps to read the texts on the portal page, without the user needing to activate any other programs, and this technology is very useful for the visually impaired, and for the portal users who face difficulties in reading texts via the Internet.

Colors For Everyone:
The portal provided, through this feature, easy navigation (without colors) to suit people with challenges and visual impairments.

Change the font size:
Through the use of the feature to enlarge / reduce the font size located at the beginning of the page in all the internal pages of the portal.​

To submit any issue related to availability and ease of use, we hope to contact us via the following email, and you can click on​ ​
3/29/2021 5:53 PM