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The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition Receives the Military Attachés of the Coalition Countries

The IMCTC Center received the military attachés of the Member Countries and Supporting Nations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a visit during which they looked into the Center's sections and capabilities. The keynote speech was given by the Military Commander General Raheel Sharif and the Secretary General of the Coalition Lieutenant General Abdulelah Bin Othman Alsaleh, and an overview presentation about the Coalition.

In General Raheel’s keynote speech, he pointed to the Coalition’s role in planning to fight terrorism by identifying the sources of threat and cooperation through a coordinated collective effort that protects the future of the Member Countries and the world at large.

In his address to the guests, Lieutenant General Abdulelah Al-Saleh briefed the guests on the administrative and organizational structure of the IMCTC Center, which was prepared to perform its role of providing professional and institutional support to build the capabilities of the Member Countries. He stressed that the Center and all the secretariat staff of the Coalition would spare no effort in providing assistance to the countries' delegates in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the Coalition and to implement the outcomes of the IMCTC’s Inaugural Meeting of the Ministers of Defense Council. He underscored the delegates' arrival to the IMCTC Center, stressing their significant role in the Coalition initiatives and activities at all the preparatory and executive levels.

The attendees listened to an overview presentation by Mr. Abdullah Al-Saadoun, Head of the Engagement Unit at the IMCTC Center, addressing the Vision of the Coalition and its strategic objectives, its basic principles and its four domains in the fight against terrorism: Ideology, Communication, Counter-Terrorist Financing, and Military. The presentation also highlighted areas of cooperation between the Coalition, the Member Countries and the Supporting Nations, the role of the Member Countries’ delegates, and IMCTC Center programs to support their efforts.

The Secretary General responded to the questions of the attendees. He stressed that the Coalition is a platform to assist the Member Countries in coordinating and unifying their efforts to combat all forms of terrorism and extremism and to contribute effectively with other international efforts to maintain international peace and security.

The Ambassador of Nigeria thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the assistance provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amounting to 10 million riyals for the relief of the victims of the terrorist organization Boko Haram in Nigeria. His Excellency also referred to the recent defeats undergone by the organization which reduced their control and thus was besieged. Consequently, Boko Haram was expelled from the local provinces they used to control which accounted for 20% of Nigerian territory.

The military attaché of Burkina Faso also thanked the Government of the Kingdom for its assistance to the G5 Sahel countries in their fight against terrorism.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the attendees expressed their pleasure in this impressive initiative and thanked the leadership of the Coalition for their close and keen cooperation and communication with the Member Countries and Supporting Nations.