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H. E. the ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to Saudi Arabia visits IMCTC

The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition Secretary-General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, received on August 30, 2020 His Excellency, the ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Faisal Fakir Kassam. 

During the visit, the ambassador was provided with an overview of the IMCTC’s efforts in the four counterterrorism domains of action e.g. ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing and military, as well as its role in coordinating and maximizing IMCTC member countries’ efforts in this regard. 

Maj. Gen. Al-Moghedi pointed out that IMCTC represents an important pan-Islamic alliance that it is based on the principles of legitimacy, independence, collaboration and participation. It aims at strengthening cooperation among its member countries and seeking to ensure that all IMCTC actions and efforts in counterterrorism are in line with international law, rules and norms. 

It is worth noting that IMCTC comprises 41 countries working together to coordinate and maximize their efforts in the global war on violent extremism and terrorism and to join other international efforts to maintain international peace and security.