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Border Security and Its Role in Countering Terrorist Threats

On Monday, 11 September 2023, IMCTC held a workshop titled “Border Security and Its Role in Countering Terrorist Threats" Delivered by the Delegates of Sultanate of Oman to IMCTC, both Lt. Col. Zaki Yahya Al-Rawahi and Lt. Col. Rashid Mubarak Al Rushaidi, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary General, Member States' Delegates and personnel.

During the workshop, The Delegates and IMCTC officials discussed the key border security protection and precautionary measures to guard against terrorist threats including land, air and maritime borders. Col. Al- Rushaidi pointed out that border security is of paramount importance, especially in terms of countering terrorism and security threats, as well as being an integral part of the broader concept of national security. For his part, Lt. Col. Al-Rawahi touched upon the means of border security, security protection and the modern systems technologies used in monitoring and controlling border security in terms of detection, inspection, data analytics, communication and coordination.

In his closing remarks, IMCTC Secretary General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, pointed out that countering terrorist threats require joint action among countries and organizations, as well as having a comprehensive strategy to strengthen border security in its different forms. He further added such strategy should have an international collaboration element in the areas of training, coordination, information sharing and use of modern technology in order to mitigate border related terrorist threats and to maintain regional and international security and stability.​

10/2/2023 4:21 PM