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An Introduction to Virtual Assets and their Key Risks

The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition organized Tuesday, 03/03/2022, at its headquarters in Riyadh, a presentation titled: “Virtual Assets and their Key Risks” delivered by Dr. Salem Bahammam, governance consultant and trainer, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary General, member countries’ Delegates and personnel. 

The guest speaker gave an introduction to virtual assets, cryptocurrencies, their characteristics, risks and instances on how terrorist group use such assets as well as statistical figures on how they take advantage of these currencies.  He concluded the presentation by laying out international standards and recommendation issued by competent authorities and best practices in anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. 

It is worth noting that the presentation is part of a series of symposia, seminars and panel discussions that focus on counter terrorist financing as one of IMCTC’s counter-terrorism domains, namely; ideology, communications, counter terrorist financing and military).
3/6/2022 11:58 AM