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National and International Legislative Confrontation of Cybercrimes

The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) held at its headquarters in Riyadh, on March 6, 2023, a presentation on "National and International Legislative Confrontation of Cybercrimes", delivered by Dr. Mohammed Saleh El-Alfy, Expert in the Legal Regulation of Cyberspace, in the presence of the IMCTC Secretary General, member countries' delegates, and IMCTC personnel.

During the presentation, Dr. El-Alfy touched on several aspects of cybercrimes "legislations, threats, and protection"; a model for terrorist and extremist cybercrimes; regulation of cyberspace law; and legally-protected interests in the anti-cybercrime law.

The presentation is part of awareness-raising programs offered by IMCTC to its member countries' delegates, keeping them up-to-date with every new thing happening in the world of cybersecurity.​

3/7/2023 11:42 AM