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Countering Financial Crimes

The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition concluded on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, a training course on “Fighting Financial Crimes," tailored for IMCTC Member States' Delegates.

The training course aimed to familiarize the Delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills for countering the means of financial crimes. The training course offers an international perspective on the means of protection and countering financial crimes through the pertinent laws and regulations. In the meantime, the course explored the background, nature of financial crimes, money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, how to counter and prevent such crimes, as well as the role of military/security sectors in this regard.  Additionally, the training course aims to equip the Delegates with the skills of mitigating the risks of financial crimes effectively, familiarize with the requirements of protection from financial crimes and implement such requirements effectively and accurately. The course concluded with some examples and exercises on real-life instances of suspicious financial cases.

This training course is part of the joint cooperation between IMCTC and the Financial Academy, and was delivered by Mr. Ahmed S. bin Saeed, a member of the Financial Academy and expert in countering financial crimes, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary-General. ​

5/11/2023 9:08 AM