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Terrorism and Internal Security Challenges
The Islamic Military Counter-terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) held, at its headquarters in Riyadh, on December 13, 2021, a presentation on "Terrorism and Internal Security Challenges," delivered by Brig. Gen. Tariq Ahmed Koko, Delegate of the Republic of the Sudan to IMCTC. 

Koko addressed the causes of terrorism and the international strategic plan of counterterrorism; he also highlighted the leading role of the Armed Forces in internal security operations in accordance with situations and strategies entailing military intervention. 

The presentation is part of a series of military domain-related symposia, seminars and workshops delivered by IMCTC. The military domain is part of IMCTC’s four counter-terrorism domains; namely, ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military.​
12/16/2021 8:38 AM