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"Counter-Terrorism: Principles and Practices" A Training Course for IMCTC member countries' delegates in collaboration with King’s College London
The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition Inaugurated on Sunday, March 13, 2022, at its headquarters in Riyadh, a training course on “Counter-Terrorism: Principles and Practices” in collaboration with the Center for Defense Studies, KCL, for IMCTC member countries’ delegates.

The 3-day course covers IMCTC’s key counter-terrorism domains including ideology, radicalization, methods of de-radicalization, counter terrorist financing, anti-money laundering, financial controls, communications domain, counter-terrorism recruitment, terrorist propaganda, military domain, as well as role of armed forces in countering terrorism and future threats.

IMCTC Secretary-General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed S. Al-Moghedi, pointed out that this course will shed light on the evolution of terrorism over the past years, key trends in the pace of this transnational phenomenon, the role of strategic counter-terrorism approaches, their applicability and efficacy in confronting current threats. He further added that this course provides practical training for the participants regarding the effective means, technologies used in counterterrorism for the participants, including means for the detection of terrorism financing, cutting off the financial support, as well as the best practices in the coordination between government bodies and dissemination of counter-terrorism messaging.   

This advanced training course is a fruit of the joint work between IMCTC and the United Kingdom as one of the supporting nations. It is worth noting that IMCTC comprises 41 member countries that work together to coordinate their efforts and expertise under IMCTC’s umbrella to counter terrorism and eliminate the scourge of violent extremism.
3/16/2022 10:34 AM