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Psychological and Social Characteristics of a Terrorist

​The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) held at its headquarters in Riyadh, on Sunday 14/8/2022, a presentation on “Psychological and Social Characteristics of a Terrorist", delivered by Dr. Yahyah Khatatbeh, professor of psychology at IMSIU, and attended by IMCTC Secretary-General, member countries' delegates and IMCTC personnel.

The presentation centered on the types of terrorist personalities and their psychological and social characteristics. Dr. Khatatbeh pointed out that a terrorist personality is the product of psychological, social, and cultural illnesses dues to irrational views and beliefs instilled in terrorists' mindsets, such as a sense of injustice, marginalization, and oppression. He also touched on the mechanism of classifying the psychological and social characteristics of terrorists and how to detect and deal with them at an earlier stage through predictions and behaviours observed by communities, families or psychologists.

It is noteworthy that this presentation is part of a series of symposia, presentations, and panel discussions offered by IMCTC to its member countries' delegates and personnel in the communications domain, which is one of IMCTC's four counterterrorism domains: ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military).​

8/15/2022 12:29 PM