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Counterterrorism Comparative Strategies
The Islamic Military Counter-terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) held Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at its headquarters in Riyadh, a lecture on " Counterterrorism Comparative Strategies," by the IMCTC Advisor, Dr. Farhat Horchani. 

During the lecture, Dr. Horchani defined the concepts and dimensions of international strategies on counterterrorism and violent extremism ideology, and compared them with parallel concepts such as organized crimes, poverty, and so on. He also benchmarked the Islamic global counterterrorism strategies against the IMCTC counterterrorism strategy of four key domains: (ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military).

The lecture was held within a series of lectures, symposia, and workshops, which are organized regularly by the IMCTC and targeted Member Countries’ delegates and IMCTC personnel.
12/20/2021 10:17 AM