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A Guideline Model for Building and Developing National Strategies in Counterterrorism Domain

On Thursday 15/6/2023, IMCTC held a workshop titled "A Guideline Model for Building and Developing National Strategies in Counterterrorism Domain". Dr. Mohammed bin Humaiyed Al-Thaqafi, Head of the Global Experience Center for Studies, Consultations and Training, moderated the workshop in the presence of IMCTC Secretary-General and Member Countries' Delegates.

IMCTC Member Countries' Delegates discussed the mechanisms through which a national strategy could be built across counterterrorism domains and how to define holistic forward-looking vision that help in developing, protecting the national resources and interests against potential threats and risks. They also discussed the utilization of the national power elements to achieve the goals of the State's national security and the training on the formulation of a written document containing elements associated with planned objectives within a given period. The workshop also covered the methods of identifying the required capabilities and the implementation mechanisms, including the performance indicators that identify the progress made in achieving the intended goals/objectives within their intended time framework.  

The Secretary-General of the Coalition pointed out that through the methodical forecasting of the national threats, risks before they occur, the competent authorities should identity the prevention and countering of terrorism at the national, regional, and international levels. He further added that the competent authorities should define the coordination and integration requirements among the relevant agencies dealing with the prevention, countering of terrorism in order to attain the national and regional standards at the organizational and operational levels in countering terrorism.​

6/18/2023 12:50 PM