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Future of Extremism and Terrorism
IMCTC held, at its headquarters in Riyadh, on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, a presentation titled: “Future of Extremism and Terrorism,” delivered by Prof. Dr. Zayed Al-Harthi, Delegate of Saudi Arabia to IMCTC in Ideology Domain, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary-General and IMCTC member countries’ delegates. 

During the Presentation, Prof. Dr. Al-Harthi discussed the present reality of extremist ideology and terrorism over the past years, future of extremism and terrorism, and best strategy to counter both. He also cited international models in instilling the true Islamic ideology and how that can be translated into the daily lives of people.  

It is worth noting that this presentation is part of a series of events and symposia delivered by IMCTC on its four counter-terrorism domains; namely, ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military.
3/24/2022 1:45 PM