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New Media and Intellectual Security, Threats and Opportunities

​The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, a presentation titled “New Media and Intellectual Security, Threats and Opportunities" delivered by HH, Pro. Dr. Saad Bin Saud Bin Muhammed Al Saud, dean of the College of Media and Communication at Imam Muhammad Ibin Saud Islamic University, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary-General, Member States' Delegates and personnel.

The presentation addressed the ability of the new media to influence the public, its role in the spread of terrorism, in addition to the professional media standards regarding the media coverage of terrorist operations. It further explored future potential repercussions of artificial intelligence in recruitment operations by terrorist groups. His Highness concluded the presentation with elaborating on the concept of new media and its role in strengthening the intellectual security and stressing the importance of creating media platforms that focus on strengthening the intellectual security of the public and stepping up media educational awareness campaigns that raise awareness about intellectual security through socialization and educational institutions.

The presentation comes within the framework of strengthening the strategic role of the media in countering violence and extremism by developing intellectual, educational, and social strategies that emphasize the concept of intellectual security and its impact on society.​

11/1/2023 11:14 AM