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Introduction to the Creation & Development of Military Concepts for Counterterrorism

On Monday, 28 August 2023, IMCTC held a workshop titled “Introduction to the Creation & Development of Military Concepts for Counterterrorism" delivered by Col. Ali Mohammed Mahmoud, delegate of the Kingdom of Bahrain to IMCTC, in the presence of IMCTC Secretary General, Member States' Delegates and personnel. 

Col. Mahmoud introduced the definition, importance, objectives and elements of counter-terrorism military concepts in line with the respect of each member state's sovereignty. He added that one of the objectives of devising military concepts is to provide the necessary knowledge and understanding on how to use the military force in conflicts. It also provides a general framework for conducting military operations across all levels, as well as explaining the constants and variables in wars and conflicts, and assisting in creating a common ground when working through alliances and coalitions.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Maj. Gen. Al-Moghedi made closing remarks in which he stressed the importance of creating and developing military concepts specifically for countering terrorism stems from several reasons, the most important of which is the nature of the conflict and the threat. From the ideology point of view, you cannot compare the extremists with the conventional known adversary with a specific country, army, or geographical region. He further emphasized the difference in fighting methods between terrorist groups and conventional armies. He added that violent extremist groups do not recognize international laws that govern war and the creation of military concepts for this purpose could add an important contribution in unifying international approaches in countering terrorism across the various domains in accordance with the respect of sovereignty of respective countries.​

8/30/2023 2:09 PM