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Irregular Warfare; a Strategy for Countering it Militarily
The Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) held at its headquarters in Riyadh, on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, a presentation title: Irregular Warfare; a Strategy for Countering it Militarily) delivered by Maj. Gen. Dhafir bin Mohammed Al-Shehri, Delegate of Saudi Arabia to IMCTC in the military domain, in the presence of IMCTC member countries’ delegates and IMCTC personnel. 

Over the course of the presentation, Maj. Gen. Al-Shehri analyzed the characteristics and nature of irregular warfare adopted by the armed terrorist organizations and militias. Furthermore, He also discussed the strategic, operational and military concept of dealing with such threats in order to help the military personnel tasked with the strategic preparation and military planning.  

It is noteworthy that this presentation is part of a series of military domain-related symposia, presentations, and panel discussions and the military is part of IMCTC’s four counterterrorism domains, i.e. ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military).
4/1/2022 11:03 AM