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Discussion about Online Extremism and How to Counter it, with Member Countries’ Delegates
IMCTC held today, Wednesday, Jan.19, 2022, at its headquarters in Riyadh, an event titled: “Online Extremism; Challenge and Countering Approach” where Dr. Fayez Al-Shehri, member of the Saudi Shura Council and expert on online media. 

Dr. Al-Shehri discussed with IMCTC’s member countries’ delegates various points and concepts pertinent to online extremism, how extremist attitudes are formed over the internet, as well as the online character formation cycle. He further talked about the key modern traits of online radicalized individuals, means, techniques used by extremist groups in attracting sympathizers, supporters and the challenges of countering terrorist groups online. He concluded his talk by explaining the methods through which online platforms could be used to strengthen immunity and prevention from twisted and subversive extremist ideas. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, IMCTC Secretary General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, pointed out that the new orientations of modern terrorist extremist groups have grown more dangerous to the security and safety of societies. He further stressed that we currently live in the age of exploitation of the cyberspace, especially in light of the growing use by the terrorist of ICT technologies, its application, over the internet and via social media networks and the use of these technologies to commit terrorist acts, incite, recruit, fund or plan for terrorism.  

This event is part of IMCTC’s activities intended for its member countries and focus on its counterterrorism domains; namely; ideology, communications, CTF and military.
1/20/2022 2:43 PM