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IMCTC Received Ghana’s Military Attaché to Saudi Arabia
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The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition received on Tuesday, 4/6/2024, the military attaché of the Republic of Ghana, Brigadier General Mohammed Mustapha.

His Excellency was briefed on IMCTC's mission and efforts that serve the interests of member countries in countering terrorism across ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing and military domains. He was also briefed on IMCTC's ongoing monitoring and tracking of terrorist operations and extremist groups around the world.

During the meeting, the Secretary General of IMCTC, Major General Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Mughedi, welcomed and commended His Excellency visit to IMCTC headquarters. He praised the efforts exerted by the Republic of Ghana in its war on terrorism and its regional role through its strategic location in the West African region in countering terrorism. Moreover, the Secretary General hailed the role of Ghana in enhancing security and military cooperation among the region's countries to confront extremist groups and its active contribution in UN peacekeeping missions in the areas affected by terrorism, making it an important partner in the international efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism in the West African region.

Major General Al-Mughedi also invited Ghana to join the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition and highlighted the potential for Ghana to work side by side with the rest of the allied countries, emphasizing the significant impact this could have on exchanging experiences and achieving gains that would directly benefit Ghana and its neighboring countries in the fight against terrorism and extremist groups.​

6/5/2024 6:58 PM