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IMCTC Announces the Arrival of the Delegates of the Federal Republic of Somalia
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IMCTC announced today, Sunday 17/03/2024, the arrival of Brig. Gen. Abdirahman Mohammed Turyare, the Delegates of the Federal Republic of Somalia at its premises, bringing the number of countries that have already sent their delegates to IMCTC headquarters to thirty-three.

During the reception ceremony, IMCTC Secretary General, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, pointed out that the arrival of the Delegate of the Federal Republic of Somalia to IMCTC HQ to work together with rest of IMCTC fellow Delegates is a positives and welcome step by the leadership of Somali government. He added that the step demonstrates Somalia's awareness of the importance of amping up international participation in countering terrorism and violent extremism. He wished the Somali Delegates every success in their tasks, and appreciated the great role assigned to the Delegates of Member counties in advancing IMCTC's mission and its strategic initiatives in countering terrorism.

For his part, Maj. Gen. Al-Moghedi, pointed out the strategic location of the Federal Government of Somalia in eastern Africa and it's a proximity to Bab Al-Mandab strait plays a major role in countering terrorism in general, and maritime piracy, in particular, carried out by extremist terrorist groups. Such terrorist organizations seek to disrupt international maritime navigation and pose a real threat to regional, global security and the freedom of international maritime trade.

It is worth noting that IMCTC comprises forty-two Member Countries that work together to coordinate, consolidate and step-up counterterrorism efforts across ideology, communications, counter-terrorism financing, and military domains efficiently and effectively in partnership with friendly countries and international counterterrorism organizations.​

3/21/2024 2:00 PM