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DiplomaticQuarter: Bangladesh envoy lauds Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition’s works
​​​​RIYADH: Dr. Mohammed Javed Patwary, Bangladesh ambassador to Saudi Arabia, recently visited the headquarters of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) in Riyadh.
IMCTC Secretary-General Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi received the EU diplomat and the accompanying delegation.
Al-Moghedi briefed the visiting dignitaries about the coalition’s goals, achievements and the initiatives it has taken to fight terrorism in different forms.
The envoy lauded the IMCTC’s role in establishing strategic partnerships to enhance coordination in the global fight against all forms of terrorism.
The IMCTC is an alliance of 41 countries that forms a pan-Islamic unified front in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
In coordination with the relevant authorities in the member countries, it promotes best practices, advances legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks, and facilitates information sharing to curb terror financing.
It also aims to assist member countries to enhance their military capabilities to fight terrorism.
The intellectual aspect specializes in preserving the universal message of Islam, promoting the values of moderation, tolerance and the preparation of targeted messages to counter radical ideology.
The media side is based on producing digital, media and other informative content to refute the rhetoric and claims of terrorist organizations and extremists.

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3/14/2021 2:05 PM