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Training program launched in Riyadh to combat terrorism

RIYADH: A training program to combat terrorism was launched on Sunday in Riyadh by the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

It is being held in cooperation with the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College London. “Combating terrorism: Principles and practices” is aimed at IMCTC representatives from member states and will shed light on the main pillars of the coalition’s work, including ideological extremism and the mechanisms and methods to address it, combating the financing of terrorism, including money laundering and financial controls, the field of media and communications and combating recruitment and terrorist propaganda, as well as the role of armed forces in the fight against terrorism and future threats.​

​IMCTC secretary-general Maj. Gen. Pilot Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi said the program would also explore the development of terrorism in recent years and its most prominent trends. The role of strategic approaches to combating terrorism, their application, and their effectiveness in confronting contemporary threats were also discussed during the session.

Al-Moghedi said the program provided practical training for participants on effective means and techniques used to combat terrorism, including means of detecting and cutting off terrorist financing, best practices for coordination between government agencies, and the dissemination of anti-terrorism messages. The program is the result of joint action between the IMCTC and supporting countries, one of which is the UK.

There are 41 countries in the coalition striving to coordinate efforts and expertise under its umbrella to combat terrorism and eliminate violent extremism.

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3/17/2022 9:32 AM