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​The PREVENT DUTY IN EDUCATION: IMPACT, ENACTMENT AND IMPLICATIONS provides an approach to the challenges gnawing away at education and how to better address the threats of extremist ideologies that snowball into societies. With this in mine, the publication further explains that it has become critically imperative to gear ourselves up for a better understanding of what educational institutions do; they are no longer functional tools for teaching educational curricula. Empowered by social responsibility, education per se has now a greater position especially assigned to protect youth against extremist ideologies.

Joel Busher and Lee Jerome have extensively discussed developing the necessary policies and enacting the must-have legislation to well introduce a comprehensive update to educational practices in such a manner as to act as protective shields to better protect children and youth from extremist ideologies. With this in mind, confronting destructive ideologies must be a springboard or stepping stones to counterterrorism as spelled out by Joel Busher and Lee Jerome. The publication equally falls into nine chapters, with thematic goals set for each.

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Issue 26
Monthly Issue Featuring Special Book Reviews about Terrorism.
6/21/2021 11:09 AM