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It stands to reason that confronting extremism starts by ideology in principle and develops into applicability in practice. Confronting extremism draws on a high-level culture developed by writers and thinkers who are keenly aware of the threat of extremism in reality. Therefore, they cite telling examples to convince the target readers of their ideas. They also invest their personal experiences to provide cogent evidence of what they argue for, seeking to further foster the awareness of individuals and society.

Certain Americans have become aware of the threat of homegrown extremism, especially following the events that took place in the American capital and the siege of the Capitol Building, January 6, 2021. Many people entrusted with counter-terrorism and target violence did not feel truly surprised. Against a backdrop of a spate of events, Christian Picciolini – in BREAKING HATE: CONFRONTING THE NEW CULTURE OF EXTREMISM – elaborates on the main social and personal factors that drive individuals into carrying out terrorist acts.
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Issue 31
Monthly Issue Featuring Special Book Reviews about Terrorism
11/4/2021 11:43 AM