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Subject-matter experts investigate into the reasons why individuals join networks of organized crime and terrorist organizations. Many criminological, positivist, and behavioral schools address such causes in such a manner as to identify the motives of criminals involved in organized networks and better understand their criminal and terrorist tracks. Researchers and practitioners need to work in concert; propaganda and recruitment require more effective prevention to combat extremism and terrorism, while avoiding reactions that might hinder addressing such phenomena.

​​ORGANIZED CRIME AND TERRORIST NETWORKS, written by several contributors and edited by Vincenzo Ruggiero, to better provide a more accurate understanding of the methods of propaganda and recruitment in networks that lure ordinary and socially isolated individuals into terrorist extremists. It shows the ties of kinship and friendship as key factors contributory to the development of such networks; recruitment begins in small social cells, unknown to law enforcement agencies and difficult to detect.
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Issue 32
Monthly Issue Featuring Special Book Reviews about Terrorism
12/12/2021 9:52 AM