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In 2018, The Guardian described the CASAPOUND ITALIA (CPI) as the fascist movement that brought Mussolini’s ideologies back to the forefront. CASA POUND ITALIA: CONTEMPORARY EXTREME-RIGHT POLITICS reviews the CASAPOUND ITALIA history and phases, ideology, i​nternal structure, identity, mobilization methods, strategies for communication, and expansionist methods and ubiquity socially, culturally and politically. CASA POUND ITALIA: CONTEMPORARY EXTREME-RIGHT POLITICS, co-authored by Caterina Froio, Pietro Castelli Gattinara, Giorgia Bulli, and Matteo Albanese, features than twenty maps, pictures, and diagrams, in addition to several appendices, which contribute to clarifying the reality, goals, and objectives of CPI.
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Issue 29
Monthly Issue Featuring Special Book Reviews about Terrorism
9/7/2021 12:18 PM