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The ignominious defeat inflicted on ISIS has shown the prowess and finesse of the international coalition, under which 83 countries and international organizations are subsumed, operating in concert to successfully eliminate the alleged statehood it once established in Iraq and Syria. However, Fears are creeping over the international community that ISIS will mushroom again into reality more vehemently, albeit reduced down and dwarfed into 1% of the defunct statehood; it made last-ditch attempts manifested in more than a hundred attacks launched in northeastern Syria in January 2021. How did ISIS manage to control the territory in Iraq and Syria more than twice the size of Lebanon? How did ISIS build its military structures? Several research studies have attempted to investigate and address such probing questions, including this international report PROCUREMENT NETWORKS BEHIND ISLAMIC STATE IMPROVISED WEAPON PROGRAMMES developed by the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) 2020 for the European Union; it examines meticulously hidden aspects of ISIS armament and ammunition programs that extended its supply lines to various countries in the Middle East and Europe, and helped it establish the so-called statehood.​​
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Issue 31
A monthly publication that provides a review of international reports on terrorism
11/4/2021 11:01 AM