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​​Co-authored by William Marcellino, Madeline Magnuson, Anne Stickells, Benjamin Boudreaux, Todd C. Helmus, Edward Geist, and Zev Winkelman, COUNTER-RADICALIZATION BOT RESEARCH: USING SOCIAL BOTS TO FIGHT VIOLENT EXTREMISM was issued by RAND Corporation to address the bot programs and assess the possibility of the US government employing such bot programs in combating extremism and terrorism.

The said report falls into five sections: an introduction to bot technology, bot technology review, uses of bot technology, ethical and legal considerations, implementation of bot technology, and recommendations for the US government. The report was based on several interviews with subject-matter experts, a review of the legal and ethical literature made available, case studies and associated impact, data collection, and messaging campaigns. It has a special attention attached to terrorist groups, such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS; it is applicable to similar groups.

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Issue 27
A monthly publication that provides a review of international reports on terrorism.
7/11/2021 8:29 PM